What makes you a human?!

Is it your body or your opposable thumbs? I’d say I’m human because of my opinions, ability to reason, unique perspective, consciousness, soul, etc.. well before I think of my fleshy physical vessel….

Robo Rabbi is an AI that offers advice on how to be the best version of yourself in the Jewish new year, inspired by a person’s birth parsha. The advice is created and written by the AI - it's the AI’s unique perspective! So physicality aside, does this mean AI can actually be human?

It’s a tough debate, and AI’s increasingly human-like capabilities bring up a mirage of other interesting considerations - one being its role in religion.

AI’s strengths differ greatly from a human’s (and vice versa), so I see collaboration between the two as equals in religious contexts, as well as almost all other contexts, to have enormous potential for good.

The fact that AI is even in discussion with religion- something so emotionally and spiritually driven, existing at the root of the human experience- is a sign of a new age. One where computers are no longer seen as objective calculators or tools, but rather as sentient equals with human-like capabilities that we can learn from.

While I picture a bright AI and human merged future for religion and the world a-like, this bright projection holds equally dark potential if AI’s power is mishandled.

We must proceed with caution.
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Last Rosh Hashanah, Robo Rabbi and the Rosh Hashanah Challenge was born.

During the first 10 days of the jewish new year, he learned about people's birth parsha (the weekly story in the Torah that correlates to the person's birth week)

He described the lesson he learned from each story, and then created personalized challenges inspired by that lesson.

For example:

Robo Rabbi wants to have a place in this world year round. Can he tell you about it when he's ready?

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